the essence basic

The Essence of Waldorf

a four part webinar series

by Donna Simmons


  • Format: Audio download
  • Extent: four 90 minute talks (.mp3 files)
  • Product code: Essence05
All Four Sessions

"How Christopherus Homeschool Resources brings Waldorf Education to Homeschoolers"

How is Waldorf education different from other forms of education? How can we work with it at home? How does Waldorf education find expression through Christopherus?

"It's All About Development"

An exploration of the anthroposophical ideas underpinning the spiritual basis of the fourfold human being and the stages of child development crucial to an understanding of Waldorf education.

 "The Golden Rules of Waldorf Methodology"

From whole to part...first do, then understand...the human being as the starting point for everything...the world is beautiful...learning as an opportunity for developing inner qualities...the cultivation of awe and reverence...How do we as parent-teachers imbue ourselves with these guideposts so that they are not merely rules, but opportunities for enlivening what we bring to our children?


A look at specific situations at home which are challenging to homeschooling and/or working with Waldorf. Based largely on questions that have been sent in in advance of this talk/conv

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