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Many Would Find The Discipline Download Useful

I’ve listened to your discipline download twice
now thank you 🙂

Some of the things have had me go “hmm … disagree” but then I’ve gone back or thought over it and had “aha … yep, get it now” or thought “well I do that differently but yes that’s a really good way of looking at it”. I’ve also had a few “oh I wish I’d thought of that” or “definitely need to improve on that in my own parenting” moments.

Basically, I reckon that anyone who is having thoughts about “why is my message not getting across with my little one?” would find the discipline audio download very useful…

Kind regards,


Kite Untied Kingdom

The Changing Face of Discipline (Toddler to 9 Years Old)

How we need to change and meet our child's needs for discipline from ages three to nine.

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  • Format: Audio download
  • Product code: AUDIO7297

Topics include:

  • Self-development and the clarity of the parents as the basis for discipline
  • Authority as authenticity
  • Using the young child’s powers of imitation and need for activity to model and correct behavior
  • Chores, charts, rewards, time out
  • The changing need for responsibility as the child heads toward 9


Running time is approximately 1 hour.  Recorded in 2006.

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