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Thank you for making my life easier!

AH-Mazing! The beauty is its simplicity, succinctness, and holistic approach to organizing resources and mapping our homeschooling year. It is just what I needed in the next step of our new journey. Thank you for making my life easier!


Glad I tried this!

I’m really pleased with this planner. The flexibility of printing exactly what I want of each form is so helpful. Love the quotes Amy chose throughout. It’s especially nice to have a planner created by someone who has (it’s very clear) used these materials and has experience planning for multiple grades. Glad I tried this and will buy another next year.


Daily Rhythms Homeschool Planner

created by Amy McGehee-Lee to accompany the Christopherus Curriculum

  • Format: eBook
  • Extent: 393 pages
  • Product code: OPAML001

Amy McGehee-Lee, homeschooling mom and owner of, Magic Hollow Etsy shop specializing in homeschool planners, has designed a planner that is uniquely tailored to be used with the Christopherus curriculum. It is an open ended tool for parents to use to organize and plan out their family’s homeschool year. The complete planner comes to you as a .pdf so that you can pick and choose to print what you want to include in your personalized planner.



What is new for the 2020-2021 planner?

– All new poetry to share with your children for each month of the year

– Gratitude page printable for each month of the year

– Wheel of the year wool felt art printable for planning your festivals (in the “Extra Printables” folder)

A Printing Option to Consider:

I am happy to be able to recommend an affordable printing option for your planner. This option will work for anyone within the U.S. You will receive printing information and 10% off your first order with the printer, with purchase of the planner.

Highlights of the planner:

  • Beautiful, seasonal artwork throughout
  • Large monthly calendars (two page spread), with plenty of room to pencil in your appointments (they even have the moon phases already written in).
  • Several main lesson planning options, including one tailored for the Christopherus curriculum
  • A planner designed to help you bring mindfulness to your homeschooling life with journaling questions, space for written parent meditations and guidance on designing your unique family rhythm
  • Easily customizable for your family – print what you need
  • Easy to use – the planner has everything already laid out for July 2020-June 2021; you do not have to figure out how many weeks are in each months and what to print. You can print as you go, or all at once.

Components of the planner:

Cover – beautifully designed, with original artwork by Jenny Metson

Practical Planning Section – This is the how-to section of the planner.

Imagining Your Year – Pages to plan an overview of your year (lesson blocks)

Practical Planning Section Includes:

  • excerpts from the planning sections in the Christopherus curriculum addressing topics such as rhythms and schedules, seasonal festivals and schedules with siblings
  • a step-by-step process, allowing you to see one way in which you can utilize the planner to assist you on your journey of creating a beautiful homeschool year
  • examples pages of schedules, main lesson block order for multiple children, circle time, and main lesson and subject lesson details for multiple grades

Imagining Your Year Section – This is the section that allows you to begin laying out your year in a very simple and straightforward way.

 Imagining Your Year Section Includes:

  • an academic year-at-a-glance calendar with a list of festivals commonly celebrated in Waldorf communities, along with their dates for the coming academic year
  • month-by-month festival, birthday and family-time planning pages
  • a unique week-by-week guide for laying out your main lesson blocks for multiple children
  • An efficient system for listing all of your resources for each block and lesson.
  • yearly journaling questions that will help you bring your year into a space glowing with your highest intentions
  • a daily schedule worksheet that will assist you in finding your own daily rhythm that works for you and your family, using the natural rhythm of head, heart and hands

The months July 2020 – June 2021 (a whole year) broken down into the weeks within each month.

Each month includes:

  • nature-inspired poetry appropriate for sharing with your children, corresponding to each month of the year
  • a weekly rhythm planning page
  • a monthly calendar with plenty of space to pencil-in your own appointments, birthdays, playdates, etc.
  • a monthly planning page to help you bring your monthly intentions for yourself and your children into focus
  • a new circle worksheet for each month
  • a book list and supply list
  • monthly journaling questions

Each week within the months includes:

  • a space to write out a meditation for you, the parent, for the week
  • a page to design your reading list – there is space to include a reading list for everyone in the family, including yourself!
  • beautiful meal planning sheet with space for planning breakfast, snack, lunch and dinner for each week day, along with space to plan your weekend meals – you could even make two copies, one for your planner and one for the refrigerator
  • a weekend to-do list
  • weekly journaling questions

Ongoing Lists and Notes Section – this is the last section of the planner

A place to keep ongoing lists and ideas that you may not need right now, but want to remember for the future.


  • Beautiful, seasonal artwork scattered throughout the planner
  • The planner is designed to be printed with ease; looks beautiful in black and white or color; print month by month or all at once, it’s up to you.

Extra Printables:

  • Hourly planning page – I have reduced the number of pages of the planner by eliminating the default five days a week of hourly planning pages. However, it is there if you need it! You may print and insert as many daily planning pages as you need. They can help you find calm even on the days where it seems there is an endless to-do list.
  • Main lesson planning page – you have the option of printing as many of these as needed (for multiple children in the grades) – just insert them as you need and use them; print as many as you like
  • Grocery list – organized by sections of the store; you will ask yourself how you ever shopped without it; print as many copies as you like.
  • Early Childhood Monthly Planning Page – If you have a child that is not in the grades yet, this can be nice to use as you plan activities specifically for their enjoyment and developmental enrichment.
  • Festival Planning Pages – These pages give you a beautiful place to plan which festivals you want to celebrate during the year and jot down ideas for the festivals as they come to you. The artwork on these pages is a wool wheel of the year and wet-on-wet watercolor.

Total Pages: 393



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