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The chapters are:

  • The Kindergarten Child
  • Family Life
  • A Typical Day
  • Elements of the Day
  • How To Do It
  • Other People
  • The Six Year Old
  • Questions and Answers
  • For You To Use


The Kinder Book Is Supportive And Nurturing

I have begun to read the kinder book. It is so supportive and nurturing, so chock full of easy, wonderful ideas. I wholly appreciate being guided into home schooling and Waldorf through your ideas and writing.

Thank you again and again,



Kindergarten with Your Three to Six Year Old

Practical inspiration for kindergarten at home.

by Donna Simmons

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  • Format: eBook
  • Extent: 99 pages
  • Product code: CHREB0005

This book was written to enable parents to create child-inclusive and nurturing family rhythms as the basis of their child’s kindergarten experience at home. The book is full of practical advice, ranging from questions of how to work with several children at once to choosing appropriate stories. Sample schedules, songs, stories, craft ideas, a discussion of discipline and much more is included.

Even if your children are past kindergarten age, you still may very well find this book a useful guide to creating a nurturing homelife with children.

We strongly recommend that parents consider also purchasing the companion book, The Journey Begins at Home, which elaborates the parenting side of living with and educating children in their first 7 years of life. Sections focus on child development, family life, creating rhythms, play, socialization and much, much more. Completing the full set is Joyful Movement, a practical guide to an active, rhythmic and harmonious childhood. This book is an essential part of the first three years of the Christopherus curriculum.

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