Here are a few excerpts from this wonderful book:

Page 44: Forms gently arise in the special space between the two hands as they converse and organically work together to discover new possibilities. There is no need to pound, slap, or roll modeling material noisily and aggressively on a table. Reverence and respect for materials are an important part of the educational process. Table tops are not necessary in creating flat surfaces. The hands and fingers love to make surfaces.

Page 42: Proper handling and reverently passing out precious materials sets the artistic mood of a lesson. Then beeswax squares can be offered on a special plate or in a basket as if they were delicious cookies. Clay can be cut in slabs with a thin wire stretched between two stick handles and placed carefully on boards.Many pieces can be modeled in the air and in the space created by the two hands in front of the sternum and heart region. Elbows should form comfortable angles to the ribs. The arms form four sides of a pentagon emerging from the trunk side, reflecting the fiveness of the hand’s geometry. This position is important because the children should be using their entire upper body, shoulders, and upper arms as well as their hands.

Learning about the World through Modeling

Sculptural Ideas for School and Home

by Arthur Auer

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An unbelievably rich resource for first grade through high school: highly recommended!

This was the first book sold by Christopherus that we did not write and publish. When we came to write the 2nd Grade Syllabus, we decided that this book was so good that it had to be an integral part of The Christopherus Curriculum from 1st grade on! So we are making it available through the Christopherus website both for those purchasing the full curriculum as well as anyone else interested in a book which will take you to the heart of Waldorf education - its healing potential.

Modeling is one of the most important ways you can help your child not only deepen his relationship to the material you are working with, but will also help your child learn how to learn.

The book has been written so that , regardless of their background, can follow its step-by-step progression. Accompanying the warm and friendly text are many illustrations of methods as well as results.


Please note: this volume is a component of the Christopherus 1st Grade Curriculum Package and is used in the first main lesson block but also stands completely on its own for those not using the full curriculum.


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