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Content includes:

  • Songs (many with music), verses, fingerplays, math activities and movement exercises;
  • Ideas for nurturing the senses of touch, warmth, balance, listening and smell;
  • A Waldorf-inspired backyard assault course;
  • Highlights of parenting, birth through 9 years;
  • Ideas for games with groups of children.

Joyful Movement

A Resource for Nurturing Balance, Movement and the Senses

by Donna Simmons

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  • Format: eBook
  • Extent: 100+ pages
  • Product code: CHREB0004

There is now an updated second edition of Joyful Movement (click here to go to it) covering early years through fifth grade with a look at the teen years. (The page you are on at the moment is for the first edition which covers early years through 3rd gr). The new book contains much more in-depth discussion of the Waldorf curriculum including sections on the 3fold and 4fold human being; the 12 senses; addictive behaviors; the Waldorf home; and a much more detailed explanation of the unfolding of child development from birth into the teen years. There are also be more games and movement ideas with more instructions for how to work at home with one child or many, as well as a companion film showing how to do some of the games and movement including the songs from Joyful Movement.

This newly expanded edition will ONLY be available as a book, not as a pdf. Joyful Movement (first edition) will continue to be of use to parents who do not wish or cannot afford to pay the shipping and thus will continue to be available. Please ensure that you choose the book  if you want the expanded and newly updated version of Joyful Movement or the pdf if you are content with the older version.

A treasure trove of ideas, activities, songs & movement games.

This book is not simply another collection of verses, songs and movement exercises. Compiled in the hope of preventing and even possibly correcting challenges a child might have with sensory integration, movement, coordination or other related faculties, this book is a treasure trove of ideas on how to sensitively nurture – not overstimulate – the child’s senses and to bring healthy activity to him or her every day. It includes activities for individual children, families and groups, such as homeschool co-ops.

The environment we create for our children, how we parent, choices we make about toys, play and the media all influence our children’s development. This book helps pinpoint key elements for parents to consider in the lives of their children from birth to about 9 years of age.


Please note: Whilst being essential for early years, this book is also an integral part of the Christopherus Curriculum for 1st through 3rd grade.

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