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Section I: Understanding Waldorf Education

  • Introduction to Section I
  • An Anthroposphical View of Child Development (video)
  • An Overview of the Christopherus Curriculum (video)
  • The Golden Rules (document)
  • Being a Teacher (audio)
  • Presentation of Material (video)
  • Storytelling
  • Looking at Main Lesson Books (video)
  • Truth in Art, Beauty in Science (document)
  • Goethean Science (audio & document)
  • Therapeutic Waldorf (audio)
  • Kingdom of Childhood (video & study guide)
  • The Four Temperaments (video)
  • The Twelve Senses (video & study guide)

Section II: Being a Homeschooler

  • Introduction to Section II
  • Being a Homeschooler (audio)
  • Three Homeschoolers Give Advice (audio)
  • Self-development as a Parent (audio & document)
  • The Waldorf Home (video)
  • Festival Life (audio)
  • Discipline (audio)
  • What do we Mean by Rhythm in Waldorf? (video)
  • When it All Goes Wrong! (audio)

Section III: The Arts

  • Introduction to Section III
  • The Importance of Arts & Crafts (audio)
  • I Can’t Draw (audio)
  • Coloring & Drawing (video)
  • Form Drawing (video)
  • Handwork (video)
  • Recorder Warm-ups (video)
  • Modeling (video)
  • Painting (video)
  • Artistic Exercises (document)

On the Journey with Christopherus: A Self-Study Course

by Donna Simmons


  • Extent: Over 10 hours of video, 5+ hours of audio, and documents
  • Product code: VIDEO101

Created for new Christopherus homeschoolers as well as for those needing renewal, this gentle and friendly self-study course will help parents deepen their relationship to homeschooling.

The course is self-directed and while there is specific guidance on how to proceed, each parent-teacher is enabled to study the course in whatever way suits his or her circumstances. It is not a series of lessons which take one on a per-determined path: rather there is guidance throughout and occasional suggestions for the best way to proceed. But as this is about your journey as a self-directed learner, it is up to you to determine the exact path you take. This also means it is up to you how long it takes you to complete the Course. There is no checklist of goals attained (although the software we used actually provides a box for you to check when you have completed a component). Indeed, we suggest throughout that you might wish to return to a component a number of times over the years. It stands to reason then, that there is no time limit on access to the Course. It is yours, there to help you as you change and deepen your relationship to homeschooling and Waldorf education over the years.

As it is priced per person (per family) we respectfully ask that people wishing to share their Course with others contact the Christopherus Office to arrange to make a donation to help support our work.

The course consists of videos, audio talks and PDF documents. There are step by step instructions; pedagogical support; help with exploring various aspects of self-development; artistic and nature exercises; two study guides to important Waldorf texts; and much more.

Included with the Course is a 6-month subscription to our discussion group on locals.com

We offer a ‘buddy system’ for those studying the Course who wish to work with others. Email erin@christopherushomeschool.org for further details and if you have questions.

To get a feel for how the Course is structured:


Christopherus homeschool resources make what may seem impossible, very possible…and not only possible but enlivening and supportive for all involved.  It is far more than a curriculum guide, it is also a training in the art of teaching and parenting. 

– Anna Silber, ex-Waldorf Class Teacher and ex-Director of Education, Sunbridge Institute (Waldorf teacher training)

We had the good fortune to have Donna Simmons join us as one of our teachers for a pedagogical eurythmy block in spring 2020. Donna presented a clear overview of child development, temperaments, and the curriculum appropriate for each age group. She was able to bring to life the consciousness and mood of soul of the children in a particular grade, bringing often hilarious and telling anecdotes from her rich experience of teaching. At the same time, she was very attuned to the students in front of her, their questions and comments, and wove answers and musings on teaching seamlessly into the lessons. The students came away with a new and deeper appreciation for the art of teaching.


Barbara Schneider-Serio
Artistic Director
Eurythmy Spring Valley

Please check your email after purchase for instructions on how to access the course.


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