3rd Grade

The Christopherus Third Grade Curriculum

Our third grade curriculum is a carefully woven whole, with the main theme of ‘practical work’ appearing again and again. The hands-on approach this year emphasizes practical construction projects, gardening, cooking, and making and doing in every aspect of the curriculum. Practical math centers on measurement and math instruction occurs not only in specific math main lessons and practice lessons, but during cooking, weather, farming and building lessons.

A Native American theme also runs through the year, with two 4 week main lessons devoted to gaining an experience of the lives of Peoples of the Desert, Woodlands, Rice, Rain and Mist, Ice and Snow, Swamps and Plains. Building projects, a Three Sisters Garden, cooking, crafts and handwork throughout the year tie the Native American and practical work themes together.

As always, our curriculum is designed to give step-by-step instruction with a clear progression of the year’s lessons whilst also remaining flexible and open to meeting the needs of widely different children.

Aside from full and clear lessons, stories, crafts and other ideas for all main lessons, we provide instructions, advice and stories for lessons in music, form drawing, handwork, movement, painting, cooking, modeling and crafts. We give advice on how to include health and safety and other lessons to meet legal requirements one might have.

Our curriculum is packed with realistic advice so you can make this year work! Our Practical Considerations include: a full schedule not only of main lessons but of all other lessons and advice on how to adjust the schedule and pacing of subjects to meet your needs; an in-depth look at the Nine Year Change; how the Waldorf curriculum meets the developmental stage and what parents can do to support this; advice, tips and strategies for teaching; meeting legal requirements. Continue reading about the Third Grade Curriculum

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