Short Consultations

Sometimes one might just have need to talk through something with an experienced Waldorf educator and homeschooler. One doesn’t feel the need for ongoing support but wants to discuss something that has come up: a 30-minute or one-hour conversation with Donna could be just the thing. Whether you are a new homeschooler who just needs a bit of support or an old-hand who needs a pep talk, Donna can help! Short questions about the curriculum, discipline, family rhythms, play, goals, realistic expectations….what is your question?

Those who are trying to make the decision to homeschool might also benefit from a consultation. And those who have decided to no longer homeschool, to send their children to school, might benefit from a conversation focused on such a transition.

Donna has also worked with Waldorf teachers and with parents of children in Waldorf schools who need her expertise to perhaps clarify a situation.

Please fill in the questionnaire and send to Donna ( At the same time, please pay here via paypal. Once you have paid and Donna has your questionnaire, she will contact you to set up a time to talk by phone. Please note that Donna does not use skype, zoom or any apps.

This is the same questionnaire (and same paypal button) for the One-Hour Call to discuss the possibility of working with Donna via the Year-Long Support Service or the Homeschool Teacher Support Service.


Questionnaires must be sent as email attachments so that Donna can print them out. Please send as Word docs only.

The 30 min and One-hour consultations are refundable but after one call, the Three One-Hour Consultation Service is not refundable.

Please note that Donna cannot consult about medical or legal issues.

Looking for more more in-depth consulting? Click the images below to find out more.


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Due to the chaos created by the global effects of COVID, Donna is unable to offer consulting right now.

Thank you.