Donna Addresses How To Work With The Senses

Donna’s wisdom rings true and comes across clearly as usual… She addresses the senses and how to work with them, calming down a child, getting them into their bodies (a subject close to my heart), hand dominance, math, nature and gardening. Then comes the verses, songs and finger plays organized by time of day, sleep, baking, counting, seasons, fantasy, tongue twisters, and even a chapter on groups of children. I have found the book to be very important for developing circle time activities for my first grader. We do lots of stomping, hopping, jumping, play leap frog to help him get into his body to overcome a slight speech problem (which is pretty much gone now). He is learning clapping games, songs (and he hates to sing, but loves these songs). My 10 year old enjoys circle time too! Oh, and due to this book I am working on teaching both of my children to skip, a lost art as Donna calls it!

I highly recommend Donna’s latest book……it’s been invaluable for us.

But, I think the most important page in the book is that Donna addresses GUILT! I think the hardest thing for me with Waldorf is all the information I have, the books, the workshops, the songs, emails, etc., etc. where I read what is “supposed” to happen. But it never happens quite that way at my house, and I feel guilty. Seeing someone deep within Waldorf address that we don’t need to feel guilty for what we have or haven’t done is so refreshing……something I think we all need! Don’t waste time feeling guilty, just move forward from where you are!


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