Grateful To Have Found The 2nd Grade Syllabus

I wanted to write and let you know how grateful I am to have found the Christopherus 2nd grade syllabus.

I am new to home schooling, and have always been one of those parents who said I don’t have what it takes to home school a child. Due to my recently adopted 8 year old son from India (who has been labeled ADHD and has PTSD from trauma at his orphanage) I have had to dive head first into the almost overwhelming world of home schooling…

For the first time in his life he loves school work, and he is learning that he is an intelligent human being capable of many successes. He’s able to get up from his work and walk around if necessary, learn kinesthetically, and discuss lessons with me aloud (not often allowed in the public school setting). He’s enormously creative, visual and is excited to embark on this journey of learning with me. It has done wonders for helping him feel more secure and safe in the world, and the ADHD-like symptoms have greatly reduced.

I received the Syllabus yesterday and spent several hours looking it over. Originally, I planned to create my own curriculum based upon Waldorf philosophy, but became overwhelmed. I feel so supported now with all that you have offered– it is a Godsend, thank you!

Blessings & Smiles,


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