I Am So Happy I Have Found Donna’s Work

I am so happy I have found Donna’s work. Right now I’m using the Christopherus 3rd Grade Curriculum with my 9 year-old. I first used her texts during the 2nd grade and our home began to flourish (yes home, not just homeschooling). I have consulted with Donna and used her books and am delighted that the same person I talk to on the phone is the same compassionate, funny and wise voice I read in the books.

My experience has been that if something I read in one of her books raises a question in my mind, I undoubtedly find the answer in the next paragraph or on a subsequent page. If I want to know the least bit of information just to move ahead with the day’s lesson I can find it…if I want to go layers deep in the same issue I can find that, too. She is so deeply knowledgeable about Waldorf education and what sets her apart, to me, is her ability to help me bring it home in a way that brings the best of both Waldorf and homeschooling. It is very rich, indeed. I believe Donna has found her voice and her niche. I am so happy for her…and me!


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