Most Pleased With Your Resource

I just wanted to drop a quick note to thank you for the customer service and product of your Curriculum Overview… I’m thrilled with the prompt delivery and warm customer service.

I’m also devouring the curriculum itself. It’s exactly what I’ve been looking for since I started exploring Waldorf philosophy a few years ago. It seems so easy to get a list of dogmatic rules and surface prescriptions (wooden toys good, beeswax good, legos bad, finger-paints bad, silks good, TV bad) without learning the whys behind it all… It’s also been so hard to find things that are applicable to a homeschool environment with only one or two children. It was so nice to see in print that forcing a circle time with only one child might seem un-authentic… and meet with resistance on the part of my child.

I have purchased several Waldorf-oriented resource materials, and poured over Kytka’s and other websites. Many of the things I’ve perused you even reference in your book (i.e. Path of Discovery.) But, as an eclectic, Waldorf-oriented but not strict homeschooler, your resource by far is the one with which I’ve been most pleased. So many times I’ve spent money purchasing materials and been disappointed when they come and/or felt that the price is way too much for what I’ve received. Your material is so well done and so reasonably priced.

Thank you for your efforts and wonderful material.

© 2023 Donna Simmons

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