Talking Pictorially has Plenty of Examples

This download [Talking Pictorially] was particularly helpful – plenty of concrete examples… I had read your website article on talking to pre-schoolers some time ago and this download rounded it out nicely. And it works! Last night I was having trouble getting Rory to pick toys off the kitchen floor before dinner. It was a stalemate until I said, “Farmer Rory, all these vegetables need harvesting and popping over here,” and within minutes they were all put away.

I also enjoyed the last part of the talk on children who chatter without pause all day long… I now feel like I have some tools to deflect it in a warm and pleasant manner, instead of responding to every question and comment.

The download format is a great idea. It’s like having you in our home! It’s useful to be able to listen to it again and again, to stop and start if necessary. I look forward to more.


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