Teacher Finds 4th Grade Curriculum Outstanding

I just wanted to let you know that I think the Christopherus Curriculum is outstanding. I am especially very appreciative of all the effort and extras you have put into the manual. You have it all there for me.

As a teacher who is charged with the responsibility to teach fourth grade students, I find there is possibly no better resource than the Christopherus Fourth Grade Curriculum.

I would highly recommend this Steiner/Waldorf based curriculum because it has many elements that make it an outstanding resource. The teachers’ notes and lesson plans will also make integrating of the resource into the existing school curriculum much easier. The whole curriculum is teacher friendly, easy to navigate and picks up on all the key main lesson topics of fourth grade in a Steiner School. It is also reassuring as a teacher to know that this resource has been used by many Steiner/Waldorf teachers in Western Australia.

The Christopherus Fourth Grade Curriculum gets to the heart in a wonderful way, both through the main lesson material, and through the carefully thought out activities which creatively introduce the children to the fascinating world in which we live. It is a curriculum which is rich with ideas, but at the same time acts as a catalyst for the teacher, inspiring further investigation and sparking fresh ideas.

Helena Trainer
Third and Fourth Grade Teacher
Golden Hill Steiner School
Denmark, Western Australia

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