The Overview Is Thorough … Very User-friendly

Thank you Donna for writing this book! The Christopherus Waldorf Curriculum Overview for Homeschoolers.  What a treasure it is! I wish I had this book two years ago when we began our Waldorf homeschooling journey. The Overview is thorough, comprehensive, encouraging, supportive and very user-friendly. It does such a fine job of addressing the needs of the homeschooler who is working to adapt what is taught in Waldorf schools to the home environment. You show how homeschooling with Waldorf is indeed accessible and need not be overwhelming. Reading this book helped me put things into perspective and see things in a whole new light. In reading this book, I have come across many things that resonate deeply – they are just what I need to “hear”. I am highly recommending this book to my friends and anyone else who is looking to homeschooling with Waldorf.

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