Wanted to share how blessed I feel to finally have switched to Christopherus.

We got all of our materials two weeks ago and just went for it. We were ready. We started with form drawing and the Old Testament Block for my fourth grader and the Saints and Heroes block for my second grader. And the K girlie is just happy to join in all the stories and cooking and the younger 2 kids have no idea how lucky they will be when it’s their turn to go through the grades. My fourth grader is one of those January babies so he recently turned 10. As a mama I knew he hadn’t completely crossed over and knew in my heart he needed these stories to ground him and send him to the next journey. I was so right. The light and change in him has been amazing. I feel that with Christopherus the curriculum truly matches perfectly the developmental stage of the child. Everything is set up in such an accessible, user friendly way that I don’t have to be guessing or spending hours and hours researching about Waldorf pedagogy to improve the curriculum. Everything is there already! Another huge difference I feel is that the curriculum is done, yes by a Waldorf expert, but by a homeschool mom who has been there and can relate to the whole experience. I’m a teacher- not Waldorf trained. And homeschooling my children is nothing like teaching at school. I love how when I’m reading the material, Donna eases my stresses about “schooling”. Homeschooling is about “home”… I get that now. I knew it because I felt it, yet you secretly feel “guilty” you’re not “teaching” your kids enough. And I find myself laughing, nodding, agreeing, smiling at what Donna has so beautifully prepared for us. I truly feel like she is my wise amazing mentor mama and we’re having a cup of tea and chatting about this homeschool act of love. Immediate feedback from the kids: eyes lighting up as we tell the stories and comments about how they’re loving all the stories, activities, water color work, and the Block system!!! You know when their eyes sparkle and something in their little souls stirs from the lesson….Then, you know you’re in the right track. I, myself, don’t feel overwhelmed or all over the place. It’s very doable. All of Donna’s little tips here and there for managing multiple children has been such a breath of fresh air. I could go on and on and on. If anybody has been considering Christopherus, really go for it. You won’t be disappointed. I’ve learned so much more about Waldorf pedagogy in these last 2 weeks as part of the curriculum. That’s invaluable because, again, I don’t have to be looking in a million places to find what I need to ensure that the children are aligned developmentally with their academics…Many blessings on you, Donna.


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