Your Work Made the Block POSSIBLE for me to Teach

I received my package today and simply could not go to bed without telling you how wonderful it is! I have seen the old testament block presented in other forms, and have seen the finished books of several students. I have even heard no less than three Waldorf teachers or former students tell me about how/why it is taught.

All of this previous exposure combined was less useful than the last hour I spent reading the Christopherus Old Testament Block manual!

I think over the past several years I had built the block up into a beautiful but almost unattainable reality. Add to that the fact that our family is experiencing some significant adjustments due to my own mother’s severe illness and I had all but given up bringing this block to my soon to be nine year old daughter. Your work made the block seem not only important to the nine year old child, but fun, provocative and most importantly, POSSIBLE for me to teach.

Thank you once again for your contribution to our home learning journey!


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