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As of spring 2018, Christopherus is embarking on an exciting new way of creating some of our materials. We are now working with a young artists, Christine Zinky, to create two new workbooks for students in grades 6 – 9: Drawings from the Book of Kells and Islamic Art and Calligraphy: The Alhambra.┬á

Christine Zinky — artist, bee-keeper, one of five sisters, biodynamic gardener, Waldorf graduate, musician and spiritual seeker. Born in 1994, Christine has lived most of her life in rural Wisconsin.



Drawings from the Book of Kells

The Book of Kells, created in the 9thC by monks in Britain, is a beautiful illuminated text written in Latin. Following on from the complex post-form drawing found in the Christopherus 4th and 5th grade syllabuses, this workbook is intended for students in 6th – 9th grade. There will be text about the monks, this period of medieval British history and the creation of The Book of Kells. But the bulk of the book will be step-by-step instructions, leading students through the creation of a number of illustrations from The Book of Kells. There will also be a craft activity based on one of the designs.

Should be available fall 2018.

Islamic Art and Calligraphy: The Alhambra

Our second workbook will be a collection of samples of traditional patterns based on the artwork and architecture of the Alhambra in southern Spain. The Alhambra was an important part of the culture of so-called “Moorish Spain” in the middle ages. This period of history is extremely interesting and the Alhambra thrived during the short but fruitful period of the peaceful co-existence┬á of Muslims, Jews and Christians. Text in this book will focus on this period. There will be step-by-step instructions so that students can create some of the drawings and calligraphy associated with the Alhambra. There will be a craft project as well. Suitable for students from 6 – 9th grade.

Should be available fall 2018.

Other upcoming publications

  • On 1 August 2018 we will release an entirely new and updated second edition of Joyful Movement. This new publication will cover early years through fifth grade with a look at the teen years (the present edition covers early years through 3rd gr). There will be much more in-depth discussion of the anthroposophical background to the therapeutic understanding of the Waldorf curriculum including sections on the 3fold and 4fold human being; the 12 senses; addictive behaviors; the Waldorf home; and a much more detailed explanation of the unfolding of child development from birth into the teen years. There will also be more games and movement ideas with more instructions for how to work at home with one child or many. And there will be a companion film showing how to do some of the games and movement and will include the songs from Joyful Movement, either sung or played on a recorder.
  • A new 6th grade syllabus –available spring or summer 2019!

 Chemistry One and A Year of Astronomy. Should be available January 2019.

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