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The Sixth Grade Syllabus will contain main lessons focused on physics and on earth science (these materials are actually available now); geography, math (including geometry and also business math); and two main lessons focused on Roman history and the early Middle Ages in Europe. This latter will also include a look at the rise of Islam and at the Silk Route.

Other lessons included will be handwork, drawing, cooking and a long and very full section on language arts, taking the student into the wonderful world of composition and generally stretching him or her to excel in language arts.

There will also be a short section on trees and woodwork, written by my son Gabriel.

The Syllabus will also include sections on teaching, parenting and background to the Waldorf sixth grade curriculum, as per usual. More details to come!

Will be available 1 July 2019.


Chemistry One will comprise of a short written guide and a DVD. The DVD, which is for parent preparation, will show how to do all of the experiments for this seventh grade main lesson block (also suitable for eight graders who might have missed chemistry). This chemistry block will focus on the four elements: water, earth, air and fire.

Due to unforeseen circumstances, publication of Chemistry One has been delayed…please check our monthly email newsletter or homepage for announcements.





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