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Mother’s Day Special

From Sunday, May 14th through Wednesday, May 31st, everyone who purchases early years through 5th grade curriculum package will receive a 90-minute homeschool consultation package with Donna Simmons.


($100 value)

Donna has been immersed in Waldorf education all her life. She attended a Waldorf school from kindergarten through 12th grade; she studied Piaget and Steiner as part of her work at college; she has trained with Master Waldorf teacher Brian Masters and in early years education with Waldorf kindergarten teacher Judith Chamberlain; she has been a Waldorf early years, grades and high school teacher. And…she homeschooled her sons. Her work is increasingly recognized by homeschoolers and Waldorf teachers around the world (see Testimonials) for its depth, honesty, clarity and dedication to the healing impulses foundational to Waldorf education. Because of her experience as a Camphill housemother, Donna also has a therapeutic background which often helps her to really penetrate to the heart of questions and concerns which come toward her.

Having returned to full time Christopherus work after an absence of some years, Donna is excited to not only continue producing more curriculum materials, but to work directly with homeschoolers and Waldorf teachers via consultations and conferences.

What would you like to talk about with Donna?

Sometimes one just needs a bit of kind and knowledgeable guidance; sometimes one needs help identifying and talking through parenting issues so as to get clear about how to teach and parent more effectively; sometimes one wants to talk through the anthroposophical background to Waldorf education –or to entirely bypass that and explore other ways to work effectively with Waldorf. Help with tricky children, planning main lessons or the flow of the day; talking through the creation of a nurturing home life; managing a large household—or an only child—these are just some of the issues Donna has helped hundreds of people with over the years. Waldorf teachers have also benefitted from her deep understanding of child development and Waldorf pedagogy and are also encouraged to take up this offer.

When you purchase your package, the order invoice will include a link to a .pdf of the Questionnaire shown below.  Once you fill out and send in your Questionnaire, Donna will read it and email you back to set-up a 30-minute phone call (not Skype)…. followed by 60 minutes of email correspondence.  (Donna is a very efficient and quick correspondent so this is a good deal!!) The 60 minutes of email correspondence can take place throughout the course of the following year.

All information in this questionnaire is completely private and will be shared with no one. Please note that Donna cannot advise on legal or medical issues.



Questionnaire for Consulting with Donna Simmons


Name:                                                                         State/area where you live:


A description of your household (partner/spouse; children; whether you live in the country or the city; etc)


Your relationship to Waldorf education:


Your relationship to homeschooling:


Your relationship to Christopherus:


What things in your life most support your homeschooling:


What things in your life work against or bring challenges to your homeschooling?


What would you like Donna to help you with:


Anything else she should know:


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“Every parent embarking on the homeschool journey should have a mentor, a guide who has traveled a similar path.
I am heartened to know I have such a knowledgeable, wise guide who is just a phone call away.
Thank you, Donna, for your support.”

– Copland

“Donna Simmons was a great resource to me. I wish I could continue forever, but at some point we all have to venture out on our own! Donna has been prompt with her replies and always ready to answer my many, many questions.
I am beginning to believe that I could do this without a ” boxed” Waldorf curriculum after having Donna’s help and reading her books.”

– KP

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