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Adapting our curriculum for other countries and cultures

Throughout all of our materials we are always mindful of our customers across the globe. We feel that Rudolf Steiner’s work is applicable to all children in any culture, from any religion, in any country. However, in using our materials, being a native English speaker will be a huge advantage! And, as we always seek to ground our materials in our experience and not be abstract, you will find that our number work, for instance, is in dollars, ounces and miles; that we use North American animals like deer and blue jays for nature stories; and that the year has four distinct seasons. However, throughout the Curriculum we make suggestions for improvisation and translation and feel confident that the liveliness of our material will inspire you to easily use wallabies, kiwis, meters, yen, etc. as necessary.

We encourage all those who use our materials to adapt them to their own needs and this applies to any religious/spiritual content as much as anything else. Whilst we cannot be all things to all people, we do make an effort to be inclusive of different traditions: see, for example, our consciously multi-cultural Saints and Heroes part of the second grade curriculum.

International Shipping

For many years we charged the same flat rate for our curriculum packages to heavily subsidize the charges for international orders in spite of increases in the actual charges. We still subsidize international orders, but cannot afford to do this at the rate we used to in the past.

In some cases, the actual shipping cost is less than our flat rate. In those cases you will be given the option to choose the lesser cost.

International orders are shipped either First Class Mail International or Priority Mail International depending on the size of the package.

Please understand that shipping estimations do not include time spent in foreign customs and that you may have customs charges on your end. International customers sometimes ask us to write ‘gift’ or ‘sample’ on customs forms. This is illegal and we cannot do this. All problems with customs must be taken up with the relevant departments in the country in question–this is not something we are able to help with in any way.

The easiest way to calculate shipping charges is to place your items in the online shopping cart and enter your shipping destination. This can be done before you enter your payment information and so you’re not committed to purchase at this point. You can delete the items after you figure your shipping costs.

Please remember that all orders are final: no changes can be made and there are no refunds or returns.



Our Networking Page is a listing of local and regional Waldorf homeschooling groups and contacts. If you’re looking for like-minded folks in your area see if there’s already a group or let the world know that you’re looking. And, of course, if you have a group and you’re not listed, let us know!


Australian Resources

Whilst focused on Steiner (Waldorf) schools, Steiner-Australia is an excellent resource for homeschoolers too. It has links to many different resources – for craft supplies, Waldorf toys, anthroposophical books, etc – in Australia (and elsewhere).

The AtoZ Home’s Cool website has a quite comprehensive Australia Homeschool Directory with many useful links regarding Australia homeschooling requirements and regulation.


Canadian Resources

The AtoZ Home’s Cool website has a quite comprehensive Canadian Homeschool Directory with many useful links regarding Canadian  homeschooling requirements and regulation.


UK Resources

Education Otherwise contains a wealth of information regarding homeschooling in the UK

Schoolhouse for support for those in Scotland

New View is a UK based quarterly journal supporting spiritual renewal in our times, based on the quest for a new wisdom of the whole human being, inspired by Rudolf Steiner’s Anthroposophy and related approaches. Highly recommended!


Since Brexit, since January 2021, the UK requires that companies outside the UK collect VAT for all orders UNDER 135 pounds sterling. Please therefore note that since collection of VAT is beyond what we can provide,  customers in the UK must make purchases equal or above this amount. As currency fluctuates, please do find out how much this equals in US dollars before placing your order.
Orders made for less than this amount will, unfortunately, be refused. We will of course contact you and you can then add to your order to take it to a high enough amount.
Do contact your local (UK) tax offices to investigate this issue further if necessary–we unfortunately are unable to advise about this matter.


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