“But I don’t want a curriculum!”

The DIY Approach to Waldorf Homeschooling

CHR0001-2Many, many Waldorf homeschoolers are Do-it-Yourself folks, not wanting to follow a set curriculum and really needing only advice, ideas and resource materials to get them going. Some of these folks are long-term homeschoolers or long-term Waldorf parents who feel that they have enough experience and/or knowledge to create the kind of homeschool they want.

If this sounds like you, then Christopherus has just what you need! Whilst we have taken the decision to create an all-inclusive curriculum, we also provide a wide range of resources for the do-it-yourself homeschooler.


Our Waldorf Curriculum Overview for Homeschoolers gives a picture of the breadth and depth of the Waldorf curriculum and is designed to help parents have a real sense of the flow of Waldorf education from 1st through 8th grade. It is full of resources and ideas to help you work with Waldorf at home. Likewise, From Nature Stories to Natural Science also takes parents on a journey through the unfolding of science throughout the grades. It also contains lesson ideas, extensive reviews and resources and an explanation of why science is taught in the very special way it is in Waldorf schools.

Living Language is an in-depth look at the language arts from 1st through 5th grade. This is a teaching manual, how-to, and set of specific lessons all rolled into one.

Form Drawing for Beginners and Drawing with your 4 to 11 Year Old are designed to help parents teach these arts to their children.

OPAW001-2Roman History, Botany and Medieval History are Unit Studies specifically designed for the Do-it-Yourself homeschooler. Our Old Testament Stories, Animal Legends, Saints and Heroes and The Human Being and the Animal World are similar to the Unit Studies but are based a bit more closely on those specific Waldorf main lessons.

We have 3 volumes of math for you: Second Grade Mathematics , Fourth Grade Mathematics and Fifth Grade Mathematics. These books overlap with the grades above and below to allow for the very different ways children learn mathematics. Thus, by purchasing these volumes, you will be covered for most of the math for 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th grades (though not 3rd grade geometry).

And don’t forget our plays The Bremen Town Musicians, The Magic of Patience, The Selfish Giant, Demeter and Persephone and Rama and Sita are all suitable for small homeschooling casts.

Our audio downloads – hour-long talks by Donna Simmons – can help DIY homeschoolers orientate themselves to Waldorf homeschooling in a down to earth, practical and accessible way. Whether it’s  one of the recordings on parenting or one of the grade-specific talks, these recordings will help parents get a good feel for Waldorf education and how they might work with it in the home.

And, of course, through this website we offer articlesa gallery of homeschoolers’ work, and more.

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