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There are many wonderful initiatives arising out of Waldorf education and anthroposophy around the world. Some of them desperately need financial help; others (such as the Nature Institute) whilst appreciating support are featured here because we want more people to know about the great work that they do.


escuelacaracol2Escuela Caracol, Guatemala

Escuela Caracol is a Waldorf-inspired school in the Lake Atitlan area, one of the poorest regions in Guatemala.  Seeking to be part of the healing in a country still recovering from a 36 year long civil war where hundreds of schools were burned and many educational workers “disappeared”, the pioneers of this school believe that Waldorf education can bring hope.

The school serves both an international community and the escuelacaracolindigenous Mayan community. Classes are in Spanish, English and the local language and range from Kindergarten through 6th grade.  Education statistics have improved in the past several years, but even still only 62% of Guatemalan children make it to sixth grade.  Over three quarters of the student body comes from indigenous Maya families who cannot afford the cost of tuition. Their education is made possible by a diverse network of teachers, artists, business professionals, schools and more. Your partnership with Escuela Caracol is vital to their education.


We are very excited to be developing a supportive relationship with Escuela Caracol and were thrilled when, in 2008, the children performed our adaption of the Grimm’s fairy tale The Bremen Town Musicians (see the photograph to left).

For further details about the school and ways of supporting this project, please visit their website:







goderich1Goderich  Waldorf School, Sierra Leone

Founded in 2001, the Goderich Waldorf School is a tuition-free private school in Sierra Leone, the only Waldorf school in West Africa. It serves a population of children orphaned or displaced during Sierra Leone’s ten-year civil war, children who early in life learn to work for their survival, some as street vendors, others as prostitutes or drug dealers. The Goderich Waldorf School offers them not only primary education, but a safe haven where they can receive nutritious meals and medical care.

Over the ensuing six years, this small and very personal effort by one man developed under the efforts and commitment of a growing body of volunteers, the formalization of a board of directors, and the financial support of foreign donors. In the spring of 2008, one hundred ninety children were enrolled in the school’s six classes, and six teachers and three lunch cooks were employed.

After a very challenging time with the Ebola outbreak and the closure of all schools in Sierra Leone, the Goderich Waldorf School has finally reopened in April 2015.

“We welcome help from anyone who would like to join us in helping the Goderich Waldorf School continue their work.”


Please contact us if you would like to organize a fundraising event on behalf of the school. All donations benefit the school directly to fund:

Salaries for staff
Free, hot lunches 5 days a week for students
Construction of the Earthship
Medical fees and first-aid supplies
Operating expenses

There are three organizations accepting donations on behalf of the Goderich Waldorf School:

In the UK:
The Dhana Trust, a UK charity (no. 1113122)
Please call: +44 (0) 7792-613783 or email the Administrator, Pema Clark at:

In Germany and mainland Europe:
Freunde der Erziehungskunst Rudolf Steiners
Visit them online at where you can make a donation designated for the Goderich Waldorf School.

RSF Social Finance
Write a check to RSF Social Finance, 1002A O’Reilly Ave., San Francisco, CA 94129 USA and on the memo designate Goderich Waldorf School or you can donate through the website:
From the website select The Freunde from the drop down project list and specify Goderich School in the Special Notes & Instructions box.     *Neither RSF nor the Freunde earn fees off of these donations.

For more about the school, please see their website:



natureinstitute3The Nature Institute in Harlemville, New York

Fresh and radical perspectives on nature, science and technology.

Mission: Nature around us is whole and interconnected. Though we are part of nature, we do not yet fathom her depths, and our actions do not embody her wisdom. A fundamental shift in our way of viewing the world is necessary if we would contribute to nature’s unity rather than dissolution. At The Nature Institute, we develop new qualitative and holistic approaches to seeing and understanding nature and technology. Through research, publications, and educational programs we work to create a new paradigm that embraces nature’s wisdom in shaping a sustainable and healthy future.

“Modern science has increasingly moved out of nature and into the laboratory, driven by a desire to find an underlying mechanistic basis of life. Despite all its success, this approach is one-sided and urgently calls for a counterbalancing movement toward nature. Only if we find ways of transforming our propensity to view and control nature in terms of parts and mechanisms, will we be able to see, value, and protect the integrity of natureinstitute3nature and the interconnectedness of all things. This demands a contextual way of seeing.”

We cannot express how highly we value the work of Craig Holdrege, Steve Talbott, Henrike Holdrege and the Nature Institute! We urge everyone to subscribe to their newsletter and to consider attending their many excellent classes and workshops. Those interested in computing and technology issues should also check out Steve Talbott’s NetFuture newsletter.

You will find extensive information and food for thought on their website:



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