A New Christopherus?

Fall 2017

Many of you know that Christopherus is going through a very painful transition time right now. After 15 years we have discovered that our business model no longer works. We are in the odd position of being more popular than ever, with more interest in our work whilst at the same time being unable to make ends meet!

This has largely to do with the fact that more and more of our friends and customers re-sell, swap and share our materials. In these days of austerity, we certainly understand why people do this…but austerity affects us as well and we find that we are no longer sustainable. Lay-offs and an attempt to reconfigure our business is the result.

Right now we are in a chaos moment—we are discounting and selling off our printed materials and seriously downsizing. This means that we can no longer offer customer care as in the past—there is no longer a phone and I simply cannot deal with too much email correspondence. Therefore we ask that people be mindful of our situation and be patient. It will take us longer to process orders and we can no longer talk people through their purchases. The discounts we are offering as we seek to get rid of our stock are considerable! Do consider buying curriculum materials for the future. And do bear in mind that as things go out of stock they will not—at least in the foreseeable future or in the same way—be printed again.

I strongly recommend that people keep an eye out for announcements of new ‘interactive’ platforms if they would like to continue contact with me during this transition time. Christopherus originally arose directly out of the interest and needs of the Waldorf homeschooling community 15 years ago—perhaps the ‘new Christopherus’ will likewise come from the larger community.

My intention is to lead studies and to give in-depth help and support to people and perhaps do live or recorded seminars. The facebook group is also a good place for announcements and less involved support and all new developments will be announced there.

It is likely that I will also start to offer consultations – any announcements of such will appear in the newsletter.

I am not throwing in the towel! I am simply bowing to the demands of the changing technology and consumer expectations which Christopherus has thus far been unable to meet. Many of you know that I have chosen the Phoenix as my new image….a picture of Resurrection, of the power of life and love rising up and overcoming the forces of chaos and death. This is in no way the end.

I very much welcome all feedback and any ideas as I consider how to move forward.

Blessings on your homeschool journey,



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