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Friday Talks with Donna

Now you can listen to the series of free talks Donna recorded on her old facebook group. Each talk is about 20 minutes long – please remember that the point of FB talks is their informality and spontaneity -and that the audio quality is quite rough due to use of a laptop’s camera/mic which is not very clear! Click on a title to play it.

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  • Food

    Here I speak a little about food and mealtime as the  heart of the family, as the place where children come into  the social realm and where all the most important life lessons–sharing, waiting one’s turn, listening and speaking, gratitude–find their expression.

    The kitchen is an important part of any homeschooler’s life and features throughout the Christopherus curriculum as a place where many lessons unfold, from early years through the grades–and beyond!

  • No Computers for Children

    Despite the fact that Waldorf schools have embraced distance learning, Donna Simmons discusses the problems that computers can cause for children, particularly with regard to the twelve senses.

  • No Computers for Children part 2

  • Christopherus Sixth Grade Woodworking Basics

    This video demonstrates the basic woodworking techniques used in the Christopherus Sixth Grade Syllabus.

  • Introduction to Sixth Grade Geometry

    An introduction into the sacred art of geometry constructions, an important part of the Waldorf sixth grade curriculum. This video accompanies the Christoperus Sixth Grade Syllabus.

  • Homeschooling in Extraordinary Circumstances

    Homeschooling is about real life and relationships. This embraces what is sometimes called ‘the extraordinary.’

  • Donna talks about her work

    There are many curriculums to choose from. Christopherus, based in anthroposophy, is practical and user-friendly. Watch to learn more.

  • An introduction to Christopherus early years

    A short video of Donna Simmons previewing her upcoming Christopherus early years video series and giving a few examples of the Christopherus approach to the early years. See The Journey Begins at Home for more.

  • Valuing Silence

    Creating space in one’s own life to hear the voice within by valuing silence.

  • Festivals at Home

    Thinking about one’s own spiritual/religious path and how that can come to life through festivals.

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