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Talks on parenting, child development and homeschooling with Waldorf

We are pleased to present a series of informal and conversational 1 hour talks by Donna Simmons on a variety of topics (including 2 free full-length talks and a few short ones). The talks are divided into the three categories below. Please click on each category to view the current listing.

Each talk is approximately 1 hour long and for $14 you can download an MP3 file onto your computer and listen as many times as you like. Please respect our work by not sharing files with others – Christopherus is a small family-owned business and is our only source of income.

Note: In most instances, Donna recorded the grades talks several years before writing the corresponding curriculum. Therefore, some of what she says will not be completely in line with what she has written in terms of, for instance, sequence of main lessons or suggestions for blocks. The recordings are also created with the needs of “do it yourself” homeschoolers in mind and many DIY-ers have a looser relationship to the curriculum! Thank you! Enjoy!

Downloads are available as soon as checkout is complete. 

Please note that downloadable products cannot be returned and are not eligible for refund.

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