Kindergarten Supplement


This section of our website is a supplement to our book, Kindergarten with your Three to Six Year Old.

For an orientation to the Waldorf approach with young children, please see our Early Years page.

In this section you will find the color originals of the book’s illustrations and look at typical examples of paintings and drawings done by kindergarten-age children. We have also included photos of a few simple crafts which you could do with your young children.

As with our Homeschoolers’ Work section, we invite all homeschoolers working with Waldorf at home to consider submitting photos of paintings, craft projects or drawings their children have done – or which they have made for their children.

The moon is awake,
And the stars are shining bright,
The sun is asleep,
So let’s say goodnight.

(This little goodnight verse was created by Desmond, age 4 ½, from Seattle – thanks to Emily for sharing it with us!)

turnip thirdpig star_money goldilocks

The color originals of pictures from the book illustrating The Enormous TurnipThe Star Money,Goldilocks and the Three Bears and The Three Little Pigs. Click on the pictures for an enlarged view.

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