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The Christopherus Curriculum plus materials for the “do-it-yourself” homeschooler.

“Many, many thanks for providing such creative, thoughtful, fulfilling and practical ways to connect and teach my daughter! These resources truly exceed my expectations! (I cannot tell you how much I appreciate the schedule provided with each block, as well as the blocks, themselves.) THANK YOU!”

Jennifer Moore

Christopherus Self-Study Course

Created for new Christopherus homeschoolers as well as for those needing renewal, this gentle and friendly self-study course will help parents deepen their relationship to homeschooling.

Waldorf Homeschooling Essentials

Whether you are using our curriculum or taking a “do it yourself (DIY)” approach, these books are an essential part of any Waldorf homeschooler’s library.

Audio Downloads

Over the years, Donna has recorded a wide variety of talks on many subjects. All are lively, and filled with warmth – Donna’s intention has always been for you to feel she is sitting with you over a cup of tea having a good chat.


Welcome new homeschoolers!

There are many reasons why you might be exploring Christopherus. It could be because homeschooling has flowed from how you wish to parent and suits your lifestyle. It could be something you have considered since pregnancy or even before. Some of you reading this will have been homeschooled when children.


Welcome to the nurturing world of early years Waldorf education!

Whether you intend to send your child to a Waldorf nursery or kindergarten or to keep your child at home, we hope that you will find inspiration and useful information here on our website as well as via the resources that we provide. READ MORE


The Heart of Childhood : Seven to Fourteen

From 7 – 14, the grade school years, children are viewed as living primarily in their ‘feeling life’. By hearing the great myths and legends of various cultures, the adventures of heroes and explorers, and the struggles of men and women throughout history, children’s feelings are deeply affected and a moral basis to their learning is laid. READ MORE


A new relationship to high school

“We must strive to educate in such a way that the intellect, which awakens at puberty, can then find its nourishment in the child’s own nature.”

-Rudolf Steiner




a story of St Nicholas

St Nicholas’ day has passed (6 December) but this is a lovely story to share with your children. It was written by a Christian Community (the church inspired by the work of Steiner) priest. May it be received with love and peace into your children’s...

Your Child and Tests

The Christopherus curriculum definitely includes tests–but the right tests, given in the right way at the right time. Listen here for a discussion of this topic plus what to do if tests are required where you live. Here is the link to the newsletter archive...

The Spiritual Reality of Truth

In this 20 minute talk I explore (briefly!!) the spiritual reality of truth; the un-truth of political movements inspired by postmodernism; and the paradox of the individual yet universality of the striving toward truth as a spiritual deed. I begin with the tale of...

My Story is Your Story, Your Story is My Story

Perhaps the most important aspects of anthroposophy, the foundation of Waldorf education, are its universalism on the one hand, and its utter respect for the individual on the other. The weaving between these two can seem like a paradox–but therein lies the...

Children and Computers

Here is a talk–a rather long talk of about 30 minutes–I have recorded on the subject of why computers are not good for children. If one asks ‘is there a need for computers, called for by the universal and therapeutic basis of child development as so...

Free from Big Tech

Christopherus is in the process of cutting all ties with Big Tech so-called ‘social’ media. Here is Donna explaining why:...

A Goethean ‘Sense-Walk’

Our new self-study course is all about looking at the world from new perspectives; nurturing one’s senses and observations; delving into one’s ‘stuckness’ so one can become the homeschooling parent one wants to be. Through self development exercises, artistic work and...

Michaelmas thoughts

Starting on 29 September, Michaelmas Day, we can live into the reality of the four-week period of Michaelmas, a time to gather inner courage as we face the darkening days ahead. In a time when many can feel that life has come to the edge of the abyss, that the full-on...

Feedback Regarding Computer Use in Waldorf Schools

Last month I wrote an impassioned plea to Waldorf teachers to please stop and consider other ways to work with their classes during this time of shut-down and  distancing regulations. I got quite a lot of feedback, some of which I want to share here. I had some...

A Plea to Waldorf Teachers

Dear Waldorf Teachers, I am writing to you as a colleague and friend, a former Waldorf student, teacher and parent, and present Waldorf educator mainly focused on homeschoolers. I write because I am shocked and dismayed by the phenomena of Waldorf teachers ‘teaching’...

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