Peace in the Chaos

Welcome new homeschoolers!

Many of you are exploring Christopherus because you refuse to bow to government pressure to vaccinate your children or  do not agree with how your school is transitioning to zoom classes or working with mask and other requirements. You have not freely chosen to homeschool⁠—many of you loved your school and school community and your children might sorely miss their beloved teacher and classmates. Others have come across Waldorf and perhaps homeschooling in a myriad of ways. We welcome you to explore the riches of Christopherus Homeschool Resources!

Homeschooling with Christopherus is one option open to you. We hope you find the following information helpful to you as you review your options. Do know that our website is extensive and there is an awful lot of information about child development, Waldorf education, Christopherus and homeschooling which you can research here!

We do need to emphasize, in as loving and supportive a way that we can, that Christopherus, like any true Waldorf curriculum, is not ‘open and go.’ There is quite a considerable learning curve for those of you who were happy Waldorf parents who now have to homeschool.  Being a homeschooler is utterly different and one has to go beyond any imagination of ‘school at home’—homeschooling, to be an authentic expression of what lives in the family can only be ‘NOT school at home’! Please be easy on yourself and take it slow. Below, you will find a bit of help. The more you can research about what it means to be a homeschooler, the better. There is much to read throughout our extensive website that should help.

Here is a blog post called Homeschooling in Extraordinary Circumstances which might help.

And this one, Homeschoolers First and Foremost.

Things to consider:

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