Peace in the Chaos

Welcome to all parents, including those leaving Waldorf schools due to vaccination legislation.

Many of you are exploring Christopherus because you refuse to bow to government pressure to vaccinate your children. You have not freely chosen to homeschool⁠—many of you loved your school and school community and your children might sorely miss their beloved teacher and classmates. Others have come across Waldorf and perhaps homeschooling in a myriad of ways. We welcome you to explore the riches of Christopherus Homeschool Resources!

Homeschooling with Christopherus is one option open to you. We hope you find the following information helpful to you as you review your options. Do know that our website is extensive and there is an awful lot of information about child development, Waldorf education, Christopherus and homeschooling which you can research here!

Things to consider:



People have asked me, Donna, for guidance during this time of transition from Waldorf parent to homeschooling parent. I am open to:

  1. Coming to your town for a Christopherus conference–there needs to be a good group of people to make this work.
  2. Participation in group conference calls.
  3. Guesting on blogs or facebook groups.

Of course these things are available to other Christopherus homeschoolers as well! Please contact me at to discuss possibilities.

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If you ‘do’ social media, our FB group is pretty good. As with all FB groups, it’s limited, but its a good way to what other Christopherus homeschoolers are up to.

And don’t forget to look on our Networking page for links to fellow Waldorf homeschoolers.

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