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“Before my husband and I had children, I taught as a Class Teacher at Green Meadow Waldorf School for five years. Once our two girls came along, I began working part-time at Sunbridge Institute as the Director of Education. Last spring, swift changes in New York State laws pertaining to vaccination requirements turned our world inside out practically overnight. As reluctant homeschool parents, the thing we did have going for us was familiarity and experience with Waldorf education. But after some time trying to navigate the terrain of homeschooling a second grader and a fifth grader, I recognized that I needed help and I turned to Christopherus.

After working with the curriculula for much of this school year, I can reflect that it helped me in so many practical ways. I completely trust the content, which is rooted in the ideas and ideals of anthroposophy and Waldorf education. The materials are extremely well-written, the selection of stories and suggested resources has saved me many hours of preparation, and the helpful advice and considerations for shaping time together allowed me to relax and enjoy the manifold gifts that come with homeschooling. Beyond the practical support, my experience with Christopherus has enabled our family to thrive in new and unexpected ways by changing something that seemed overwhelming into a rich experience for all of us.”

-Anna Silber

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