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Waldorf Homeschooling Year by Year: About the Christopherus Curriculum

Currently we offer: a full curriculum for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th grades and an increasing range of materials for grades 7 and 8 as well as some science materials for 9th grade.

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Our experience as homeschoolers, Donna’s lifelong involvement with Waldorf education, our therapeutic experience and our commitment to anthroposophy enables us to bring you a rich, inspiring and doable curriculum. As Donna has taught at the pre-K, grades and high school level at several Waldorf schools as well as having homeschooled her (now adult) sons, she is in the unique position to guide parents through the Waldorf curriculum and Waldorf pedagogy, explaining and translating the school experience to the home experience.

As with all our materials, our curriculum has a lively and warm “voice”, helping you feel that Donna is talking directly to you, encouraging and supporting you as you create the right homeschool for your particular family situation.

Each year’s curriculum, for grades 1 – 6, is a full curriculum – not a guide and not simply focused on main lessons. There are full lessons for all the language arts, math, science, history/mythology main lessons plus a full year’s worth of specific lessons and ideas for handwork, crafts, painting, drawing, modeling, form drawing, music, movement and games, cooking and other lessons as appropriate. In the grades where it is appropriate, there will also be “practice lessons” in math and language arts.

In The Christopherus Curriculum, we have emphasized art, with full color drawings and paintings in all volumes, including “pictures in steps” – drawings and paintings in stages and with instructions so that people can understand how they were created. We are determined that this curriculum will not be intimidating and many alternatives, compromises and gentle possibilities will also be explored so that no parent feels inadequate when trying to work with our materials!

You will find plenty of discussion of teaching strategies; goals and expectations; how to cater to slower or faster children; alternatives to main lesson books; discussion of the deeper aspects of the curriculum so parents can understand why something is done; and always, always, practical advice from a homeschooler to homeschoolers so parents can use these materials around, despite, with and because of whatever family situation arises!

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