Charter School Policy

Please note that we are no longer able to accept purchase orders placed by charter schools. To be blunt, too many charter schools take too long to pay their bills and many do not pay at all! Some also, despite agreeing not to, allow the re-selling of our materials. Between chasing charter schools for non-payment of bills and filling out onerous forms explaining whether we are secular or not, we simply do not have the staff to deal with charter schools. Most cannot cope with our 3-tiered pricing system (on items which are not yet print on demand). We are sorry as we know this will effect many Christopherus homeschooling families – hopefully, they will be able to get ahold of funds and make their purchases from Christopherus directly. Charter schools are of course welcome to purchase materials like anyone else if they are willing to pay like everyone else at check out and not by deferred payment. PLEASE NOTE THAT THE LOW INCOME OPTION IS FOR INDIVIDUALS ONLY – SCHOOLS (WHETHER CHARTER OR SOME OTHER KIND) MUST CHOOSE BETWEEN BREAK EVEN AND SUPPORTING WHEN THERE IS A CHOICE (OUR PRINT ON DEMAND PUBLICATIONS HAVE ONLY ONE SET PRICE.)

Regarding questions as to whether Christopherus is secular or not, this is what we say: Waldorf education is based on a spiritual but not religious view of the human being. Each family is encouraged to weave their own spiritual/religious festival life into their homeschools as they see fit. Over the course of the grades, we present material from great religious traditions such as Islam, Native American, Buddhist, Christian, Jewish and so on. These are presented as the great stories of humankind – we leave it up to each individual homeschooling family as to whether they choose to include religious instruction and practice in their families. We do not provide this.

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