Charter School Policy

Please note that we are no longer be able to accept purchase orders placed by charter schools. To be blunt, too many charter schools take too long to pay their bills and many do not pay at all! Some also, despite agreeing not to, re-sell our materials. Between chasing charter schools for non-payment of bills and filling out onerous forms explaining whether we are secular or not, we simply do not have the staff to deal with charter schools. Most cannot cope with our 3-tiered pricing system. We are sorry as we know this will affect many Christopherus homeschooling families – hopefully, they will be able to get ahold of funds and make their purchases from Christopherus directly. Charter schools are of course welcome to purchase materials like anyone else if they are willing to work with our 3-tiered pricing system and if they pay, like everyone else, at the time of check out and not by deferred payment.

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