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616a045655Since 2003 Christopherus Homeschool Resources have been creating a range of friendly and empowering publications and services designed to help every homeschooler with an interest in Waldorf education.

Books and Audio Downloads

We know that no two homeschooling families are alike and this is reflected in how we make sure out materials are adaptable to a wide range of situations.

Each year’s curriculum is easy to follow, inspiring and full of teaching advice, troubleshooting, step-by-step lesson plans and in-depth discussion of the reasons for what is done. We address all aspects of your child’s education, not just what happens during the main lesson blocks.

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Click here for an overview of the Christopherus curriculum through the years.

The Homeschool Journey Blog and e-Mail Newsletter

Humorous, hard-hitting and thoughtful, the Homeschool Journey Blog is an invaluable resource for Waldorf homeschoolers and parents of all kinds. Each issue generally includes a number of article-length pieces and occasional shorter pieces.

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An Informative Website

714432ad12In addition to the above you will find a whole range of resources on this website. We have divided these up into 4 categories:

Your Questions Answered (where you’ll find introductions to both Waldorf and home education, an archive of articles, and more)

What We Offer (networking, gallery of homeschoolers’ work, music for our publications,  etc.)

Early Years section (an introduction to the nurturing world of early years in Waldorf education!)

Middle Years section (an intro to the three phases of childhood, learning a musical instrument and an example of what a fieldtrip to a farm could look like.)

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