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Here is the place to find out more about homeschooling, Waldorf education  and working with Waldorf at home:


Waldorf homeschooling FAQ.geode

Find out more about the basics of Waldorf education in our Waldorf 101 section and read about Rudolf Steiner and anthroposophy, the spiritual-scientific work which underlies Waldorf education.

Homeschooling 101

We help you get started with home education. You’ll find important homeschooling links; discussions of homeschool legal requirements in the US (as well as Australia and the UK) and the relation between homeschooling and charter/virtual schools; and a personal story about one parent’s decision to homeschool her son.

Articles section

You’ll find a number of in-depth pieces written by Donna Simmons and various other authors on topics such as School Readiness, Moral Education and the Waldorf Curriculum, Sleep, and much more.

Archive of Donna’s articles

also contains the index of articles she’s written for the Homeschool Journey blog.

Suggested Readings

offers helpful suggestions for those wishing to deepen their knowledge of Waldorf education, anthroposophy and aspects of Waldorf parenting and homemaking.


For those of you with children between babyhood and about 14, we have the following sections:

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