Free Videos and Recordings

  • Homeschooling in Extraordinary Circumstances

    Homeschooling is about real life and relationships. This embraces what is sometimes called ‘the extraordinary.’

  • Wet on Wet Painting for Adults

    A video for adults preparing to teach their children the basics of wet-on-wet watercolor painting. For beginners.

  • Learning to Model with Beeswax

    A beeswax project for you to make with your children of age 8 and older.

  • Donna talks about her work

    There are many curriculums to choose from. Christopherus, based in anthroposophy, is practical and user-friendly. Watch to learn more.

  • An introduction to Christopherus early years

    A short video of Donna Simmons previewing her upcoming Christopherus early years video series and giving a few examples of the Christopherus approach to the early years. See The Journey Begins at Home for more.

  • Valuing Silence

    Creating space in one’s own life to hear the voice within by valuing silence.

  • Festivals at Home

    Thinking about one’s own spiritual/religious path and how that can come to life through festivals.

  • Choosing Books for Children

    Choosing books for children between the ages of 9-12 can be a challenge. Donna shares some helpful insights into the types of books that will resonate in a child’s  soul at this age. She also gives guidance to help with children with varying reading levels.

    by Donna Simmons

  • From Myth to History

    The Changing Consciousness of the Human Being

    by Donna Simmons

    A must-listen-to to help understand the foundation of Waldorf education.
    This talk was given by Donna at the 2010 Christopherus conference.

    The basis of Waldorf education;
    The impulse for freedom and science in Western civilization from Ancient India, Ancient Persia, Chaldea and Egypt, the Greco-Roman world, Europe and beyond;
    A sweeping historical overview with commentary on how this is approached in the classroom.



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