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Relax and enjoy those first precious years of childhood. Our resources will help you create the kind of nurturing homelife which supports the first seven years of childhood. Also, be sure to visit our Early Years section for articles and sharings on being at home with young children.

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A complete early years through age 6/7 program consists of The Journey Begins at Home,  Joyful Movement and First Steps on the Journey: Living at Home with Your Three to Six Year Old.

These publications will give you plenty of parenting and child development support, songs and activities, and guidance on how to live a nurturing life with a small child. We also sell many audio downloads and videos and also have free talks, all of which will deepen your knowledge of the Waldorf/Christopherus approach to early years at home.

“…there is some personal advice / heartfelt words that you have shared which have really spoken to me.  For example, I love how you speak of climbing trees in Joyful Movement, emphasizing the connection between the child and this living thing, and state that in climbing a tree the child is learning through the body and from the tree.  Just a beautiful point to make.  I also appreciate the passion you express for watercolor painting.   Being someone completely new to this activity, and trying to do it with little guys, I needed a strong influence to keep me going, and your reverence and love for this form, which spoke through your Kindergarten book, was this influence.  Now we can do it, and I see what you mean.
Another influence your work has had in my home is with puppetry.  When I learned about table puppetry, through you, I started knitting little puppets (most based on characters I made up) and telling stories about them to my children.  This has been great fun and rewarding for me.  Thank you for making your materials accessible in many different forms (audio, reading, video).  Thank you for being an example of accomplishment and taking action.  Two little fellows, through the wisdom you’ve shared, are nurtured and enriched.”
           -Sara D.

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