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journey begins at home donna simmons

The Journey Begins at Home

A Waldorf Early Years Guide

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  • Format: Book
  • Extent: 400 pages, spiral bound
  • Product code: CHR0050

Now available (only) as a printed book.

A warmth-filled guide to the first seven years of a child’s life.

Arising from eight years’ worth of intimate and lively conversations on Donna’s yahoo group and then internet forum, this book is unlike any other. Largely based in a Question & Answer format, Donna and her circle of wise and supportive colleagues help parents work their way through a myriad of challenges, joys and questions that confront everyone during their first years of parenting. From what to expect from developmental changes throughout the early years to understanding the root cause of most discipline problems (and how to find creative responses!), the wisdom in this book is a great gift to all parents interested in what a Waldorf perspective can offer during the early years. Though most of the riches in this book are inspired by the words of parents who homeschooled (if only part of the time), it is of relevance to all parents with children from birth through seven years of age.

Donna carefully gleaned through the archives from her forum and pulled out a wealth of questions from parents, comments and advice to help parents find their way. Although Donna was mindful in disguising and condensing contributions so that the privacy of ex-forum members has been preserved, she has been equally painstaking at maintaining the warmth, humor, kindness and enthusiasm that lived so palpably on her forum as she re-wrote the various threads and discussions, putting them, for the most part, in her own words. Now that the forum is closed, such wisdom would have otherwise been lost.

This whopping 400 page book covers all the bases of early childhood–from birth to seven year– offering practical Waldorf-based support from one mother to another. Many voices contributed to this work and there are therefore numerous different approaches to questions of, for instance, potty training, the family bed and creating the “Waldorf home”. Such an approach enriches what is presented as there is, of course, no one right way in parenting! Scattered throughout the book are also a number of articles written by Donna on subjects such as childcare and first grade readiness. Donna also prefaces each section with commentary, drawing from her 25+ years’ experience as a Waldorf teacher, youth worker, parent educator and parent.

The three publications,  First Steps on the Journey, Joyful Movement and The Journey Begins at Home comprise a complete program for early years through kindergarten, arising from the Waldorf/Christopherus method of homeschooling.

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