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  • A Quick Autumn Craft

    Posted by Gabriel2

    I rarely put craft ideas on to my blog—there are so many other folks out there who are so creative and ‘crafty’ I generally leave it to them—but this craft has always been one of my favorites. It is so…

  • Thinking About Artificial Intelligence

    Posted by Gabriel2

    As those of you who follow my blog know, I am  keen to develop Christopherus as a voice for healthy parenting and education. Many of you know that a main focus is my growing concern about AI and the gung-ho…

  • Why I updated Joyful Movement

    Posted by Gabriel2

    The following is the preface to the newly expanded Joyful Movement (from 100+ to 150+ pages) If there is one aspect of Christopherus’ work that I really wish to get out into the world, it is this. Please—if you know…

  • A Few Tips for Staying Sane During Breaks from Homeschool

    Posted by Gabriel2

    Following on from my exuberant plea to let children be children I do of course realize that many parents find the near-chaos (and sometimes, downright chaos) of the summer months to be, well, unsettling, to say the least. What happens…

  • High School Course Intro

    Posted by Gabriel2

    Hello Parents of this Fall’s 9th Graders! I am creating the first part of a prototype Christopherus high school program this Fall (2018) for 9th graders. The program will focus on Language Arts and History and be a set program…

  • No School During the Summer!

    Posted by Gabriel2

    That’s right—‘school’s out for summer’—including homeschool! (Alice Cooper eat your heart out– I bet most of you are too young to get the reference…sigh…!) Here in the US we are blessed with the phenomena of a wonderful loooong summer break…

  • First Quarter Financial Report

    Posted by Gabriel2

    Many of you know that Christopherus almost closed up shop last summer. This was due to a very odd combination of being more popular than ever amongst homeschoolers and teachers whilst staggering under the burden of folks sharing, re-selling and…

  • Creating Community

    Posted by Gabriel2

    It might seem a bit odd having a picture of a table with food on it to illustrate a blog article about community but really, when you think about it, few things create a sense of warmth and fellowship better…

  • Seeking What is Human

    Posted by Gabriel2

    Written by Donna Simmons Here in the Northern Hemisphere, we are entering the spring, the season of re-birth. We can be mindful of this yearly occurrence and those of you who live in temperate climates where nature’s cycles coincide with…

  • Empathy and the teen

    Posted by Donna Simmons

    Just going through old blog posts and deleting dated or no longer relevant posts…and stumbled upon this goodie. I read it and was pleased to see that I still agree with what I originally wrote below! The following is an…

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