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  • Against Fear

    Posted by Donna Simmons

    Dear friends,   Our message is simple—embrace love and stand against fear. Reach out to your neighbor, your friend, your acquaintance—the person you bump into in the store. Take this a step further and reach out in your thoughts, your…

  • Concerns About Forest Kindergartens

    Posted by Donna Simmons

    I have worked with children, largely on the land (city farms, youth projects, farm visits–all sorts of outdoor adventures and play) for more than 35 years. Ten years ago, had you asked me if children could be outdoors too much…

  • New and Updated Publications

    Posted by Donna Simmons

    After more than 15 years, it was time to update our popular Curriculum Overview for Homeschoolers. And while I was at it, I decided to also update–a second time–our guide to Waldorf science, From Nature Stories to Natural Science. And…

  • Homeschooling in Extraordinary Circumstances

    Posted by Donna Simmons

    Over the years I have often heard people worry that they cannot homeschool because of extraordinary circumstances–illness or death in the family, a natural disaster, divorce, job loss and so on. Homeschooling is about the reality of human relationships–and to…

  • Homeschoolers First and Foremost!

    Posted by Donna Simmons

    I am coming to the end of creating our new (summer 2019) sixth grade curriculum and a few things have happened recently which have helped me recommit to homeschooling as homeschooling–as opposed to trying to create Waldorf school at home….

  • Geometry in 6th Grade

    Posted by Donna Simmons

    I am presently (late February 2019) working on the geometry section of our sixth grade syllabus. Thought folks might be interested in a peek…Here is an excerpt from its opening: In a Waldorf school, geometry holds a special place in…

  • The Wholeness of Waldorf Education

    Posted by Donna Simmons

    I am currently working on our Christopherus sixth grade syllabus (available mid-July 2019). This is the first new syllabus I have written in years. There are a number of reasons for this and one reason is that the Waldorf middle…

  • The Beauty of Astronomy

    Posted by Donna Simmons

    The following is the introduction to the Teacher’s Guide for our new publication, A Year of Astronomy, available to purchase mid January 2019. On the one hand, astronomy is such an obvious and simple subject to study—all one needs to…

  • Astronomy–finally!

    Posted by Donna Simmons

    Whewf! It’s taken quite a bit to birth this book–or rather, these books or materials! I have been working on this for quite some time as those of you wanting to purchase our astronomy curriculum know. Astronomy is a homeschooler’s…

  • A Quick Autumn Craft

    Posted by Gabriel2

    I rarely put craft ideas on to my blog—there are so many other folks out there who are so creative and ‘crafty’ I generally leave it to them—but this craft has always been one of my favorites. It is so…

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