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Take a stroll through the Fifth Grade Syllabus with author, Donna Simmons

Our Fifth Grade Curriculum Outline:

Main Lessons

  • Ancient Mythology: India, Persia, Babylon, and Egypt.
  • Geography: This year we turn from our own country to our near neighbors. (Overview of the Christopherus geography curriculum)
  • Geometry: Our lessons progress from form drawing to freehand geometry. The lawfulness of geometric forms is a key theme this year.
  • Math: (see 5th Grade Mathematics)
  • Ancient Greece: From Greek mythology to the glories of Sparta and Athens and the life of Alexander the Great.
  • Ancient China: Unique to Christopherus, this main lesson covers the mythology, history, and culture of Ancient China.
  • Botany: (see Botany 2nd Edition)

Subject Lessons:   

We also provide a full range of subject and practice lessons.

  • Language Arts: A challenging and exciting year’s worth of lessons in composition, grammar, spelling, vocabulary, dictation; books to read; how to teach; and much more. Includes worksheets
  • Math: (see 5th Grade Mathematics)
  • Handwork and Crafts: Lisa Marshall, creator of our beautiful 4th grade handwork curriculum, has done it again! 5th grade handwork includes knitting socks, embroidery, quilting, and batik. Lisa has also created a series of geometric paper stars to complement the geometry curriculum.
  • Clocks: Unique to Christopherus, we provide a series of hands-on lessons in clocks from the ancient world.


Fifth Grade Curriculum

A full year of stimulating, challenging and beautiful lessons for 5th grade at home.

by Donna Simmons

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  • Extent: 550+ pages, 3 hole punched, plus Botany, 40 pages, plus 2 short plays
  • Product code: CHR0029


Note: these components cannot be bought separately.

The curriculum for 5th grade is much broader and far deeper than in past years, reflecting the need for the 11 year old child to be challenged and stretched. Fifth grade marks a transition year between the relatively straightforward grades preceding and the more individualized and complex later grades.

History and science come to the fore now, and the child’s newly emerging powers of logical thought are met with work in geometry. Language arts are more structured and greater consciousness is brought to the process of composition.

A hallmark of Waldorf education is that an artistic approach is taken to every lesson, whether one is observing a plant or learning about Alexander the Great. Additionally, a rich range of lessons in handwork, crafts, modeling, cooking and other lessons supports and strengthens the intellectual work.

Required books for the main lesson on ancient mythology are: Gilgamesh the Hero by Geraldine MacCaughrean, Tales of Ancient Egypt by Roger Lancelyn Green, Ancient Greece by Charles Kovacs and D’Aulaires Greek Myths. Voices of Ancient Egypt by Kay Winters is recommended but not essential.

For your botany lessons you need Botany by Charles Kovacs.

These titles are all available from Paper Scissors Stone.

A series of Key To booklets are necessary for math. Once you receive your 5th grade curriculum you can read through the math guide and determine which booklets your child requires. Key To resources are widely available to order online.

Unsure which grade is right for your child? Click here to view the Age Guide.


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