Changes at Christopherus

Dear Friends,

As some of you know, Christopherus Homeschool Resources is going through an interesting transition period. The combination of new technologies and different consumer expectations have brought huge challenges. The last straw is the huge growth in the re-sell, swap and share habits of our customers. While all of this is, of course, understandable, it means we are no longer a viable business. Shrinking back the business, including laying off staff and leaving our office, has been the result.This means that we are not the full-service business we used to be–there is no customer service as there is no longer staff to assist. As I figure out ways to move forward, I ask for your patience and understanding during this transition. I have read rumors claiming we have shut up shop–this is simply not true and I would ask that friends do what they can to dispel such false information.

A number of things have had to happen to enable Christopherus to continue–one of these things is a new partnership with Paper Scissors Stone, a small online business which now sells the books written by other authors which we formerly sold. We have had to figure out the challenges posed by storage of stock as well since we no longer have an office.

We now sell ALL our materials via a 3-tiered pricing system. As I said before, we simply are too small a business to absorb the loss of sales from re-selling and sharing–however, we also recognize the financial challenges many homeschoolers have. So…we will now ask people to choose whether to pay the low income, break even or supporting fees for our materials. Thus those struggling can pay less and those who can, will be enabled to help ensure Christopherus remains viable by paying more. This will also help those friends abroad facing exorbitant international shipping fees. By doing this, we hope to encourage a real spirit of community between Christopherus, provider of homeschooling materials, and those homeschoolers wishing to work with us. I am very excited about this! PLEASE NOTE THAT THE LOW INCOME OPTION IS ONLY FOR INDIVIDUALS. SCHOOLS MUST CHOOSE BETWEEN BREAK EVEN AND SUPPORTING.

We also now ask that people consider making a donation to support our work, whether this be our free discussion forum, our extensive website with many free videos and talks or upcoming publications which need extra funding. We also ask that those who intend on sharing their purchases from Christopherus or who need to re-sell their curriculum materialss consider making a donation in acknowledgement of our work. Please click here to read more about our new ‘Community Supported Homeschooling’ initiative!

I am very excited to see how our friends and customers respond to this innovative way of paying for homeschooling materials and supporting both homeschoolers and Christopherus. The question for 2018 will be: will enough customers and friends pay the higher price or make donations to enable Christopherus to not only survive, but to be able to plan new resources and projects and to move with confidence into the future, providing the resources so many of you value so highly.

Please note:

  • All sales are final – no refunds, exchanges or returns.
  • There is no customer service, no one to answer questions.
  • Processing and shipping are likely to be slower.
  • We no longer accept purchase orders from charter schools as they are too cumbersome to administer. Too many do not pay their bills and a number have broken their agreement not to sell on our materials.

Full details of how things unfold will be shared in our newsletter and through our facebook group.

Blessings on your homeschool journey,


© 2019 Donna Simmons

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