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Seventh Grade Language arts (2019) cover


  • 23 minute recording on how to work with language arts
  • Introduction (section specifically on working with a 7th grader)
  • Language Arts This Year
  • Speech
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Grammar
  • Vocabulary
  • Spelling
  • Punctuation
  • The Story of Sundiata

Seventh Grade Language Arts

by Donna Simmons

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  • Extent: 108 pages 3-hole punched plus a 23 minute audio recording



Includes a 23 minute audio download expanding upon this publication.

This publication is for parents of seventh graders who wish to work with Christopherus into the future. We will eventually be writing language arts materials specifically for seventh grade, but right now, this publication will serve very well.  Specifically, the Seventh Grade Language Arts materials are a reprint of the language arts section from our new (2019) Sixth Grade Syllabus with a few extra pages devoted to seventh grade specifically. The recording included with the purchase of this publication addresses further how one can work with seventh grade language arts.

Although sixth grade language arts obviously refers explicitly to sixth grade lessons such as Roman history, we decided not to change that and have kept all of those references intact. This is largely so you can see what we have said about, for instance, writing a short piece focused on Hannibal’s army crossing the Alps. You simply can translate that assignment to your child writing a piece on a sailor landing in the New World, or other suitable seventh grade topics. It’s the how that is important, not so much the what and the how is the same regardless of the subject and whether we are talking about sixth or seventh grade.

Sixth grade language arts is almost entirely based on the writing that your child does, that you do with her, and which you have her copy. There is extensive advice about writing in this publication, the heart of Christopherus language arts.

Lessons and reminders about sentence structure, punctuation, spelling, grammar and so on are really the same both in sixth and seventh grade.  We give a lot of guidance and specific lesson ideas on these subjects. We do provide a few worksheets but help parents create their own, based on the actual work one’s child is doing, drawn from the content of main lessons and crafted to meet the needs of the individual child. This is so superior to endless worksheets which have no context!

This seventh-grade language arts program comes with a very important recording focused on how to work with what we have written, adjusting it for the needs of a seventh grader. We strongly advise that you also get both the free pdf,  A Seventh Grade Outline, and the audio download on seventh grade (new 2019). This latter recording gives an extensive picture of the Waldorf/Christopherus seventh grade curriculum, child development and parenting advice.

Please consult the Christopherus bookstore for further publications suitable for your child. Do remember that all of our materials, being holistically connected, have a language arts component. Thus A Year of Astronomy, for instance, has lessons in giving and writing reports, vocabulary, and other language arts topics.


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