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This book will help one think through, plan and execute lessons without having to have a fully equipped science lab and without having to have group experiences. In this book, we also give instructions and inspiration for how to create a Simple Machines main lesson, based entirely in the home and surrounding neighbourhood (the playground, for instance). Though this main lesson does not usually feature in Waldorf schools, the concepts and experiences in it do, over the years. We pulled this together and have made a special ‘For Homeschoolers’ main lesson, based on solid Waldorf pedagogy.

It also includes full instructions for black and white charcoal drawing, an important part of the Waldorf sixth grade curriculum. In schools, these lessons are usually held separately from physics lessons and are based upon what the children have experienced in studying the phenomena of darkness and light. At home you can choose when to include such lessons. Full instructions are included.


Two Main Lesson Blocks

by Donna Simmons

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  • Format: Book
  • Extent: 63 pages,spiral-bound
  • Dimensions: 8½"x11"
  • Product code: CHR0034

Our physics book gives you material to use to put together two main lesson blocks (3 weeks each). Includes illustrations and full page plates. This book provides the guidance, lesson plans, activities, schedules, and goals for two Physics’ main lessons.

Please note: that as the components of the Christopherus Science Curriculum build upon one another, your child needs to complete Physics before moving on to Earth Science.


What’s Inside:

  • The Purpose of these two Physics Main Lessons
  • What is a Goethean Approach?
  • How to approach 6th Grade Physics Teaching
  • 2-Three Week Main Lesson Schedule
  • Main Lesson I: Sound, Heat, Light and Color
  • Main Lesson II: Simple Machines
  • Ideas on what to put in the Main Lesson Book
  • Instructions for how to make musical instruments which include illustrations of the instrument
  • Full description and illustrations for lessons in charcoal drawing
  • Quizzes
  • Resources – Detailed discussion on how to choose and use books for teacher background.

In order to use this book properly and to enable your child to get the most out of his physics studies, you need to also purchase Colour-Seeing, Experiencing, Understanding by Ueli Seiler-Hugova and Earth, Water, Fire and Air by Walter Kraul from Paper Scissors Stone.

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