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Mathematics Teacher Guidebook includes the following:

  • an overview of 4th grade mathematics;
  • practical matters such as using workbooks, worksheets, calculators, manipulatives and children’s literature;
  • content for 3 main lessons;
  • factorization and prime numbers;
  • comparing, rounding off and estimation;
  • graphing;
  • number journeys (mental math);
  • word problems;
  • area and perimeter;
  • active math and games;
  • the advanced math student

Important note for non-US customers: To order Fourth Grade Mathematics with metric measurement components for math (instead of standard US measurements) be sure to choose The Metric Option HERE.

Fourth Grade Mathematics Bundle

A complete math curriculum for 4th grade.

by Donna Simmons

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  • Format: Bundle
  • Extent: Teacher's Guide and 3 Student Workbooks
  • Product code: CHRB0022

NEW! Revised and updated math curriculum


  • 4th Grade Math Teacher Guide
  • Student Workbook One: The Four Processes
  • Student Workbook Two: Fractions
  • Student Workbook Three: U.S. Measurement

Note: these components cannot be bought separately.

This is an in-depth math curriculum which can stand alone or be used as part of our Fourth Grade Curriculum package. It includes all the lessons one will need for the year, Those wishing to use Metric measurement instead of American should purchase TheĀ Metric Option.

We do not simply outline subjects: we give examples of problems; show how to move from simple to more complex; and give actual examples of word problems, number patterns and much more.

We are very pleased with this curriculum and believe that it truly meets the needs of students ranging from the slow to the advanced. We have taken great pains to show parents how to teach concepts and what to do when a child is struggling. This is not just a series of lesson plans – there is plenty of teaching advice throughout the book. We also give plenty of suggestions for those whose children are progressing rapidly.

For those of you with 5th graders who are behind or have gaps, we strongly suggest you purchase this curriculum.


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