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Form Drawing: A Teaching Video

Teaching advice to accompany our Christopherus Form Drawing book

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  • Extent: 55 minutes
  • Product code: VIDEO1000

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A warmth-filled and friendly introduction to the therapeutic art of form drawing, part of the essential foundation to Waldorf education. Donna takes the viewer through the sequence of forms she covers in the Christopherus form drawing book in this step-by-step film, pausing to elaborate on aspects of teaching, what crayons to use when, questions of pedagogy and to discuss the significance of form drawing. With humor and a down-to-earth style, Donna ensures no one is intimidated by form drawing any longer! And because of Donna’s deep relationship to the therapeutic basis of Waldorf education, all homeschoolers and Waldorf teachers will find inspiration and encouragement from Donna’s presentation.

While it is necessary to have the Christopherus form drawing book to make sense of this teaching video, one does not necessarily need the new (2018) second edition as the forms are in the same sequence in both books.

Please note that this video is included in the Christopherus Self-Study Course (available October 2020).

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