Saints and Heroes

Everything you need to put together a Saints and Heroes main lesson.

Rudolf Steiner spoke about the importance of both saints and heroes in the education of the 8 year-old child. Though many Waldorf schools have a saints block, heroes sometimes get forgotten – but not by the children, who will seek them out in other sources!

Guidance is given to the parent to help choose which stories to tell; how to prepare for the block and how to put it together; whether to do a several week block or to use Saints and Heroes as a theme for the whole of 2nd grade; what to expect from a 2nd grader in terms of writing; how to draw the pictures and more.

There is a story for each character with suggested activities. Six sample main lesson book pages with pictures and suggested writing are also included, as well as guidance for how to create the main lesson book. Information on other saints and heroes, including book reviews and suggested reviews, is also provided.

The 10 stories included are:

  • Genevieve of Paris
  • Kun and Yu
  • Rabia of Basra
  • Nandanar and Lord Shiva
  • Finn MacCool, Hero of Ireland
  • Judah Maccabee and the Temple Miracle
  • Elizabeth of the Roses
  • Hiawatha, Bringer of Peace
  • Martin, Servant of the Christ
  • Francis and Clare
  • Basil the Holy Fool
  • The Baal Shem Tov

View examples from various homeschoolers’ Saints and Heroes main lessons.


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