First Grade Gallery

Our samples of First Grade work are divided amongst the following samples:

First Grade # 1 

Main Lesson book work with letters and numbers from Ethan in Arizona, Connor in Florida and Sedona in California.

First Grade #2

Main Lesson book work with both letters and numbers from Finn in Quebec and numbers from Lachlan in California.

First Grade #3

Handwriting from the beginning and end of First Grade from Sara in California, along with two lovely watercolor paintings; handwriting practice and math drawings from Mara in Virginia; plus work from NC‘s homeschool in Virginia.

First Grade #4 

The beginnings of a  collection of Weather Trees!

First Grade #5 

Paintings, writing and drawing from Serena in California.

First Grade #6

Work sent in by Stephanie (Quebec), Betsy (New York) and Krista (Utah).

Here are some beautifully done pages from Main Lesson books by GK in Minnesota:


And here, on the left, is a frog drawn by Beryl in Tucson (you will be able to see it better if you click on the image) which she copied from her mom Lisa’s blackboard drawing (on the right):


Here is a beautiful Seasonal Table from Molua and a beeswax owl, inspired by the 1st Grade math stories.

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