First Grade #6

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Stephanie writes from Quebec (September 2006):

Dear Donna Simmons,

I want to thank you very much for the wonderfully presented first grade syllabus. I started first grade “Waldorf style” this autumn, prior to reading your Overview, Syllabus, form drawing and nature stories, I did not know much of Rudolph Steiner’s philosophy on education. I am so glad to have come across your website; it has opened up a world we did not know existed. My days homeschooling are so smooth and rhythmical, it is hard to believe we came this far when last year’s schooling was so formal and directed. Our son is now truly enjoying his days; there are no more struggles or rewards needed to accomplish a lesson. We have just ended our 4th week of first grade and already we see he is progressing rapidly. I didn’t think I had the expertise to show him how to knit or even play the flute, and I didn’t think he would have the patience to let me show him. I took your advice and bought the Knitting with children by Bonnie Gosse and Jill Allerton (I am a beginner myself) and he has successfully learnt to cast on and knit the garter stitch. He has knitted a 2″x2″ square these past two weeks and is so proud of himself. He has also taken such great pride in his language arts main lesson book, he has been showing his book to whoever visits. Thanks again for all your lovely books…



And Betsy writes from Upstate New York:

We wanted to share a picture of the four squirrels my sister and I made for the first grade math blocks with the processes. They were already into felting and the squirrels are so lovely and soft – Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, and Division. The two first graders … are holding them up. We have really enjoyed the syllabus and talk it up here a lot! Thanks.



Here (below) are two pictures sent it by Krista from Utah. These pictures are inspired by the story that introduces the letters of the alphabet in our First Grade Syllabus.



And Lisa Marshall has sent us a picture from her daughter Katie’s math main lesson book which illustrates the story The Old Woman who was not Afraid from the First Grade Syllabus which is used for multiplication.


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