A Portfolio of Work

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Sandi in California sent us these pictures of her son Noah’s portfolio of 3rd grade work.

She writes:
I am attaching 3 photos of what we just did this week to close up the “traditional” school year.

I purchased these white, cardboard type portfolios from Paper, Scissors, Stone. After wondering about that cardboard and the white, I realized they were made that way so we could create something!

Well, we got out the watercolors and did a little “wet-on-dry.” I love these portfolios as a great way to store the work of the year – much neater than those big flat boxes I’ve been hauling around.

At first, I was a little concerned that all the MLBs and paintings wouldn’t fit. But by turning them on the short end, I was able to put in two “stacks” of work and it all fit beautifully (see 3rd photo)…

P.S. Then to close the week, we went out to breakfast with Dad this a.m. and took the portfolio with us and showed him all the work! Easy to transport, too!

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