Blackboard Work

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This is a section where we would like to showcase blackboard work done by parents (and, perhaps, sometimes children – see below).

First up, here are some pictures from NC in Virginia, the first two her illustration of the story of Odilie (part of a 2nd grade Virtuous People block). The third picture is of ‘Queen Minus’. The last two pictures are of LS‘s  homeschool in California


The following is work of the Petz homeschool, also in California, and gives a good idea of what can be achieved with a nice big blackboard. The first picture shows a smiling Third Grader with a rather advanced math problem! According to her mother, Karen, she often has her daughter “do work on the board as it seems to be more rewarding and satisfying for her to do it that way”.



Karen recently sent us some more blackboard work– take a look at what becomes possible when you stick with something like this!


This great picture is from the McGaffey family in Michigan




Karen Petz in California sent us these wonderful samples of her blackboard drawing. She writes:

“I love to draw on the chalk board….at first I was very intimidated but then I just jumped in and tried it. At first I copied pictures out of Live Ed. Lately I have tried my own work without a picture to look at. I take drawing workshops at conferences when I can and they have helped, even though they aren’t chalk board drawing workshops. I think what makes it possible for me to draw on the board is that I can immediately erase a mistake! If I’m working on paper and I mess up I can’t erase, but the chalkboard is very forgiving, so I am able to try and work on a picture and keep working on it and changing it if need be. The other thing that helps me do it? My kids love my drawings and beg me not to erase them. I take pictures of all of them so we can remember them, and I hate to erase them when we are done, but then that also makes them valuable…….here one week, gone the next only to live on in memory (and my camera!). I would encourage anyone to try. Get good quality chalk (Mercurius chalk is the best as it’s very soft and blends well), use a black board, and just try it!”


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