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In addition to this page we have two other pages devoted to two of the main lessons taught in 2nd grade:

Saints and Heroes

Animal Legends

For a variant on Math Gnomes here is The Math Royal Family, from NC in Virginia. You can also see her blackboard drawing of ‘Queen Minus’ here.) Following is a colorful page from her daughter’s Math Main Lesson book as well as a beautiful crocheted snowflake that she made:


Here is a Jennye Woolf’s second grader showing us some of his ‘math trees’:


Sedona in California created the following (see more of her work on the Saints and Heroes page). First, here are 2 pages from her Math Main Lesson book:


And here are 3 wet-on-wet watercolor paintings – very few 2nd graders are able to produce work like this!


A common focus for language arts in Second Grade is Padraic Colum’s book, The King of Ireland’s Son. Rebecca from Virginia points out that her daughter Mara imagined the Prince having flaming red hair to match his temperament! “The writing” (Rebecca explains) “is done using the color blue for consonants, red for vowels (our heart sounds), purple for “y”, which is both vowel and consonant, and green for punctuation and to make little stars between the words so that they don’t all run together.”


Lastly, if you can make this picture out (remember that you can click on it for an enlarged view), it is a good example of the beginning steps toward using a Magic Square for multiplication tables. Rebecca comments: “We told a story of how Max wrote out his table so that he could refer to it and help the king with his problems. The king was so pleased with Max that he knighted him, so now he’s Sir Max!”
More from Mara on the Saints and Heroes page



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